Posture Diagram

Posture Diagram

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New Method to Improve Pectus Excavatum

Edit 9 feb 2014: "This method worked for me as long as my ribs flared out. When they were fixed almost 100% I stopped with this method". 
I have found during my research that it is important to stabilize the whole thorax when using support. I have now implemented a new method to my strategy and I believe that it is very useful. The closer to full correction the more difficult to make improvements, but I continue to find new ways. The support I wear in the pictures is made of a very elastic material. There should be a very mild pressure from it. The whole thorax is involved in the development of pectus excavatum therefore I think it is necessary to brace it as a whole. The support I wear should be used the opposite way than normal. The front should be at the back of the human body and vice versa. I have also tried to use it during sleep a few days a week and it helps.

Shoes that lifts up the human heels shall not be in use to make the posture perfect. If ordinary shoes are in use it may not work at all or very poorly.



  1. Hey Bjorn

    Did you get the brace from a physiotherapist or did you buy it from somewhere?

  2. I bought it from a clothing store on the internet. At that time when I bought mine it was pretty hard to find one. Nowadays I have seen similar to mine in many stores. It is very important that it is not too small and another thing that I noticed during my recovery period was that gain weight was extremely negative combined with this method. The effect on the lower ribs will be lost under such circumstances. It is very important as well to not believe that a high pressure will fix it. The brace should just advice the body into right position and as a matter of fact activate the right muscles. I believe from my own experience that a high pressure on the lower ribs can even make it worse and that is the reason why I never have seen anyone on the internet whom have tried to brace away their PE succeeded (so many have tried). Mild pressure is extremely important.
    I appreciate your response. Thank You!

    1. Thanks for all the great information!!